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Here are the services we offer

Commercial Collections

Corporate Accounts, Web Services, Business to business solutions

Small Business Collections

Small claims for small businesses, Sole Proprieterships, Entrepeneurs etc.

Medical Collections

Medical practices, Medical groups, Surgeons, Insurance Companies

Defaulted Loans

Student loans, Mortgages, Auto Loans, Business Loans etc.

Immediate Litigation

Not answering your calls? We have an excellent track record with unwanted debtors

International Collections

Money has no borders. Let us help you get it back!

Membership Account Collections

Gym memberships, Internet memberships, Club Memberships etc.

Utility & Services Collections

Collecting from tenants is time consuming and stressful. Let us help!


With legal experts on call, we can help you stay on top of any false or harrassing claims

Financial Planning

We'll help establish a budgeting plan, investments to hedge your debts

Loan Refinancing

Falling behind on loan payments? We can help with that!

Financial Mediation

Are you a debtor who can't seem to catch up? We'll help mediate between both parties

Have a question about our services? Call or email anytime!



We Understand the Commercial Debt Collection Process!

From utlizing sophisticated data technology and combined with our aggressive collection specialists, we will get you your money quicker than anyone else in the industry. We only employ seasoned collectors that have on average ten or more years in the industry, and are well versed in all aspects of the commercial recovery process.

Whether your customer is a large corporation, small partnership, sole proprietorship, we will form a special approach based on that, and use our understanding of the different corporate entities and laws that govern them to your advantage. We can also work with you to develop the right credit forms to protect your interest, such as using an iron clad credit application that includes a personal guarantee. This is just one of the many ways we can help you to secure your funds.



No Matter the Size, We're Here for You!

As a small business, the challenges can be great at times. Your access to funds is sometimes limited and having an overwhelming amount of receivables outstanding can cause immense strain in your ability to take on future sales and projects. Our strategy is to keep you’re cash flow flowing while maintaining your customers. At the end, every customer that is lost is a future loss of revenue for your business, not to mention the cost of acquisition. We will approach your customers in a respectful dialog, but always stressing the urgency to resolve their debt to your company.

The most important aspect to prevent your accounts from becoming more difficult to collect is the time that you hold onto them with no payment. It’s a known fact in the industry, the older the debt, the less chance of recovery. Our recommendation is to make your customers aware15 days prior to your intent to pursue a third party solution and give them the opportunity to make payment arrangements. Most companies that are serious about keeping you as a vendor will make efforts to make payment, even if a small payment until their financial circumstances improves, that shows you their ultimate intentions. You then have the customer that never had any intentions of paying you or thinks you are not their priority and that should be the trigger to send your account to us for immediate resolution.

Remember, you’re not a bank or financial institution and don’t let your customers think that they can use your money to keep them afloat without any consequences. Gorman Heller will be your partner in bringing your cash flow back to you...



We Understand the Medical Collection Process!

At Gorman Heller, our main priority is to secure your profit margins while maintaing your patient relationships. We understand what it takes to amicably resolve any form of medical collections. Our associates are well aware of the complexity of working within pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, and maintain the same level of respect and qaulity that yields results.

We understand that insurance reimbursment can be a hassle and cause patients to delay payment. We will go through the entire process of educating your patients to what their insurance carriers may, or may not cover. We make your patients aware you're serious in recovering your money and still treat them with respect and dignity.

Our fee programs are standard, but will be open to negotiation, based on the volume of your outstanding receivables. We welcome the opporutnity to work with you in securing your future growth. Gorman Heller is your partner!



Coming Soon!



Not Budging? We'll make them!

There are times that amicable discussions with your customer have reached a dead end and or a stalemate. This may be the time to consider immediate legal intervention and any further time wasted may hamper your results in recovering your money. Remember, you always want to be first in line when obtaining a judgment as being second or third is just a waste of your money. Timing is everything and procrastination can be costly. We have a network of collection attorneys that specialize in creditor’s rights and will fight to secure your interest as they are retained to represent you and our office on a contingency basis. No collection, no fee, you have nothing to risk. The only out of pocket expense is if the attorney is not successful in obtaining voluntary payment and suit has to be filed. At that point, there will be court costs that will be required. This cost is for the filing expenses to put your case on the court calendar and is non-refundable.

If your case is highly contested, due to a dispute or dissatisfaction with your goods or services, the attorney may ask for a suit fee to cover their time and expenses. Counterclaims will also not be covered on a contingency basis but you will reserve the right to retain other counsel to represent you if you so desire. No dispute, no issues for non-payment are straight forward and are the ideal case to bring to court without any possibility of a counter- claim. That’s why it’s important to inform us of any underlying dispute or dissatisfaction before proceeding with suit. Gorman Heller will be your partner in the legal process from the beginning to end.



Worldwide Service

Gorman Heller is strategically positioned to accept your international debts from the center of the financial capital New York. We have the necessary connections to represent your company in all 50 states. We have associates that are fluent in your particular language and able to communicate the seriousness of the debt owed to you and bring amicable resolution. If all negotiations fail, we will advise you and ask for suit authorization to proceed with legal action through our network of collection attorneys.

Our legal rates are currently 40% contingent upon collection. No collection no fee. There will be court cost, depending on the state, and administrative fees that have to be paid in advance and will never exceed 10% of the claim amount. No further costs will be required unless the case is highly contested and there is a counter-claim at which time you can elect to retain other counsel or continue with our attorney but at reasonable hourly rates to be determined.

Let Gorman Heller be your partner in assisting you with international debts. Please fill out our contact form and one of our representatives will promptly respond.



Are you a business that charges monthly fee's?

We can help you maintain your accounts current by softly reminding your customers of any past due bills or changes to their credit card information that is preventing you from processing their payment. This can be crucial especially after notifying them on your own and receiving no response. We will always adhere to the most respectful and ethical means of contact and will follow the guidelines of the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

We can design a specific program just for you.

Gorman Heller can be your partner in bringing cash flow back to your bottom line. Let’s talk at your convenience to answer any questions you may have. Please fill out the following contact form and one of our representatives will contact you promptly.



What to Know

Whether you’re a large provider of utilities such as Gas and Electric, we are ready to service your accounts nationwide. We can service your consumer as well as commercial accounts. We follow the FDCPA regulations as to your consumer accounts and adhere to all Federal regulations and protocols to protect you from any liability. Let Gorman Heller become your partner in the collection process.

Please fill out our contact form and one of our associates will promptly respond to discuss your specific detailed program.



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Coming Soon!



Loans can be tough! Let us get you back on the right path!

In the age of convenience and technology, it can be easy to fall into a loan trap. A small loan can wind up turining into years of losing your financial freedom.

Whether it's school loans, car loans, credit cards etc. we will help you maximize YOUR worth and establish a borrowers rate thats fit for you!



Life Happens!

Do you owe someone money? Don't beat yourself up over it. It happens to everyone and we can help you amicably resolve any disputes you may have over payments.

For over 20 years we've heard it all, and will understand your hardships. Help us help you! We will arrange a mediation at NO cost to YOU!