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Gorman Heller

Gorman Heller started in 1999 in a small office space in New York City and has now grown to be a player in the debt recovery industry, as well as other financial services that set it apart from other industry giants. We have steadily grown due to our ability to maintain our clients, and hire the right people to service them and work together towards a common goal. We only hire seasoned professionals that have a minimum of ten-year experience in their respective fields. Whether they are collectors, financial planning professionals, outside consultants. Since its inception, we have retained a majority of our clients and that’s due to our constant strive for the best client services policies and proven results.

Our Mission

Our mission is to keep the money flowing and keep your organization, industry, small company, practice and yes debtors in the financial black.

Our growth has been fueled by careful selection of our clients and our ability to make them whole in the return of their funds. Our goal has always been from the beginning to recover the most funds for our clients and that means recovering not just the principle but also our fee and any other costs that can be legally recovered, per statute.

We consider our extended services to be a one-stop financial services store. Whether you are owed money or owe money, we can assist you and get you back to financial health. Our philosophy is, if debtors are also in better financial shape, creditors also benefit and less need for bankruptcies. Everyone wins!

How To Get Started

Let us assist you in the recovery process and become a cherished member of the Gorman Heller group of clients. All you need to do is to fill out our contact form and we will have our representative contact you to answer any questions and bring you on board. Accounts can be simply emailed, faxed and sent in many other formats but we guaranty you that your accounts will have our utmost attention and will be processed within 24 hours and a complete list of your accounts will be provided for your future tracking.